I like running. Because It is a very simple and easy exercise to perform without spending any money. Some people run indoor, in a gym on a treadmill but I prefer to running outdoor, in a park, trail, along the beach, etc. This way is much more refreshing to me. And every time I see people running on a treadmill by a window at a gym that reminds me of hamster wheel. Anyway, I love running outdoor with music, wearing a headphone. Running outdoor is not always a perfect choice because of weather. Sometimes, torrential rain catches me while running. Light rain doesn’t bother me and I usually continue to run. Running in the rain is not as comfortable as running on a sunny day. It’s no big deal to get wet. After an exercise, you can dry yourself and you can change your clothes. (You are going to change your sweaty and sticky clothes anyway.) But if you want to keep running in the rain with music, you have to keep your music players and headphones from getting wet.

You can protect your music player like iPod, MP3 player, or cell phone against water by putting them in a waterproof case. A case can be as simple as a plastic bag with a seal just like sandwich bags. Some of them have attachment for an armband. Probably, these are suitable for runners. And there are sophisticated types that are made for each specific devices. They fit completely to devices. You can use touchscreen through the case.

What about headphones? Headphones can’t be wrapped up while in use. So headphones themselves need to be waterproof. A lot of innovations, an advent of technology already made ones. Not only you can use a headphone in a rain, but also you can wash it. You can even use it under the water. So now people in a pool or beach can listen to music while they are swimming.

There are already so many types of products on the market, regular ear buds around-the-neck, hook over-the-ear. Some of them have unique ear tips to make a good seal against water or to make a secure and stable fit. Most products have extra ear tips of different sizes included.

When you choose a headphone, don’t go crazy about the sound quality. In my opinion, the most important thing for a sport headphone is that how comfortable it is and how securely it fits in the ear. No matter how excellent the sound quality it has, if it won’t stay in the ear it disturbs your exercise and it also creates unwanted noise. So, choose the right size of ear tips and use clip to make a movement of a wire as little as possible.

Lastly, when you buy these products you need to make sure the compatibility to each other. For example, some waterproof cases match only specific brands’ or specific models’ headphones. It still plays the music but it can’t make a perfect seal against water. And some headphone has a mic with answer/end button so you can use it with your cell phone, answer or end a phone call then talk. But this button’s function may vary, depending on models of cellphones.

Since these products are relatively new technology, it’s important to get as much information as possible. You may need to visit many sites and read reviews to get a rough outline of the product. Then compare them. Get the best waterproof case and headphone for you and enjoy your exercise!

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