The labor market is getting tougher. The job adverts set a limit on the age group they demand in their workforce. They perceive us as ‘not able’ whereas our performance can exceed the younger ones. They look down on and stigmatize us and this will lead to inferiority complex. Based on what the society see about older women they believe that is the way things should go for us. However, we must show superiority complex even though it has its consequences. Both superiority and inferiority are in the mind-the former is better than the latter.

If the society is looking at us in this way, our reaction will be aggressive. If the elder women want people to know who they are, it must start from us. We do not have to rely on what they say. People need to be conscientized on changing how they view the elderly in their subconscious mind.

Middle aged women have little chance to find a male partner because the young men do not want older women. That is understandable but what about the older men? They are actually searching for the younger blood – I mean the young girls who can satisfy their sexual appetite. It is a wrong notion that ageing women lack interest in sex. They believe that sex and love is strictly for the youths. If we are more socially acceptable, we will live a normal sex life.

Menopause they say, is the sign of aging in women but I know of few women who menstruate until the age of fifty-five. People’s perception of menopause is a process of decay in terms of reproduction. However, with progress in technology, some women are able to have children between the ages fifty to sixty.

I heard a famous preacher say that, it is best to keep your good friends at a tender age because when you reach ages seventy above, it is difficult to make new friends. Aged women tend to lose friends, social acquaintances become few and so they seldom go out. They become introverts. In the African societies, it is worse because the tradition demands that when you are older all you do is take care of your grandchildren.



Today, women are living longer than men, women are always at the lower salaried jobs. They have lower security and retirement benefits. We are not hired because society believe that we are not adaptable to today’s technology. Older women are not fitted into the couples oriented world that is they have lost their marketable attributes.

Women of the same groups are not helping matters either. They are afraid because they do not want to lose their family to another woman. As middle-aged women, our needs are more but the resources at our disposal is limited. The American society have their share in this attitude because they believe old age is a disease.


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