These are tough times in Cupertino, California. Apple headquarters is no doubt a cheery place to work still as the company remains an unquestioned leader in the field of mobile tech, but the air of invincibility that no doubt encircled the campus over the last six years or so is lifting and the crew at Apple knows it. After redefining the smartphone game and launching the tablet industry Apple led the pack when it came to technology.


Now though, the competition is catching up and the techies at Apple are bound to feel them breathing down their necks. First came the loss of CEO Steve Jobs to cancer, then the company’s stock hit impossible heights only to fall back, and now the very core of Apple’s being has been outdone by its Android competitors.


The iPhone changed the entire thinking when it came to human-smartphone interaction with its all touchscreen devices, swipe technology, and pinch-to-zoom features. The iPhone was the king, and still is in some respects. However, a recent survey found that not one, but four Android devices, offer better user satisfaction than the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5.