Summary: Mercedes does not have an entry-level SUV. So, it has come up with the next best recipe-a mini MPV-to take on the likes of the Audi Q3 and the lust after Verb 1. lust after – have a strong sexual desire for; “he is lusting after his secretary”

lech after

desire, want – feel or have a desire for; want strongly; “I want to go home now”; “I want my own room” , however with the unique headlamp treatment, the well defined shoulder, sill lines and the rounded profile of its rear along with the twin pipes, the ‘B’ does stand out, in a good way. The trick here is to look at it long and hard so that you begin to understand and appreciate the design for what it is.

Mercedes has got one thing absolutely spot on though-the interiors. Unlike entry-level offerings from its competitors, Audi in particular, which look cheaper than the rest of the range, the Bclass feels like any other Mercedes on the inside.

The quality, the look and feel of plastics and the fit and finish is top class. The choice of colours-be it for the wood inserts or the finish for the aluminium outlines-all feel terrifically COMAND COMAND COckpit MAnagement and Navigation Device (Mercedes-Benz)

COMAND Cockpit Management and Data System  system with bluetooth telephony besides safety aids like ponderous pon·der·ous  


1. Having great weight.

2. Unwieldy from weight or bulk.

3. Lacking grace or fluency; labored and dull: a ponderous speech. See Synonyms at heavy.  or scary when you push it close to the car’s limit. The more you drive it, the more you begin trusting its dynamic capabilities. It is also very stable in a straight line under hard braking.

Now the not so good news for high mileage users. The B is currently only available with a petrol engine. This is, thankfully, a very good engine. The four cylinder 1.6-litre is turbocharged and gets direct injection and LMIL LMIL London Market Information Link . All rights reserved.

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