It is very important that you do not waste time in claiming your lottery winnings if you do not want to end up as the next Clarence Jackson Jr. You may not know who Clarence Jackson Jr. is, but not to worry this article is written by someone who tries to know all there is to know about lotteries. Clarence Johnson is a 1996 Connecticut lottery winner who could have been $5.8 million richer after cashing on his winning lottery ticket. Yes, “would have” he wasn’t able to cash in the ticket.

Not that something terrible prevented him from laying claims to his lottery winnings. In fact, it seems that he lost his winnings all to a classic case of procrastination. Mr Jackson showed up just 3 days after his lottery ticket expired and he was not given a dime based on the agreement in the finer print. History reports that Mr Jackson was the first person in nearly 10 years to miss claiming lottery in Connecticut.

The moral of the story is that doesn’t really do you any good to delay in collecting your winnings. In fact, it is better to show up to negotiate futuristic payment plans with the lottery commission than not to show up at all. Yet, a percentage of lottery players would rather wait “for the dust to settle” before coming forward with their tickets.

One of the reasons that lottery players usually give is that they want to avoid the publicity that is often generated from lottery wins. Nevertheless, to face the fact, if you win $1 million from the lottery, you cannot expect all of us to keep mute like nothing happened. Hence, you just bear the fact that publicity comes along with the money if you hit the jackpot.

The interesting part is that there is no escaping the publicity because lottery companies will make it a point of duty to blow their whistle as part of their marketing and promotional campaigns. In fact, the longer you take to show up, the greater the publicity that you would garner when you do show up.

Funny enough, some folks are apprehensive to claim lottery winnings because they don’t want people to know that they play the lottery. However, I for one do not take that thinking to be rational because playing the lottery is no crime and I don’t think that it is a sin for the religious. In fact, most of those who are against playing the lottery secretly wish they could just get a huge sum of money out of the blue.

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